Student Work

  • Fashion Design (AAS)

    Rheza Tanudihardjo

    Man on the Moon

    Recently, there has been a growing interest in space tourism. Space travel was previously limited to government agencies like NASA, while civilians could only dream about going into space. Recently, however, commercial companies like Virgin are attempting to make space travel for consumers a reality. While traveling to this unique destination still presents many challenges, this should not prevent people from dreaming that one day, they too will be among the stars. 

    My collection, titled "Man on the Moon," is designed to enliven that dream. I want my customers to feel excited about even the slightest possibility of seeing earth from the moon's surface. When designing this thesis, I drew inspiration from various sources including astronaut suits, the surface of the moon, the moon's phases, and the galaxy. I also took challenges of space travel, such as extreme amounts of solar radiation and the absence of oxygen, into consideration. For my collection I used reflective material and hoods, reminiscent of the space helmet. I added a lot of pockets to my designs as clothing for space travel will need to be extremely utilitarian.