Student Work

  • Urban Design (BS)

    Mariana Cunha Bastos Netto


    'Friction' is the title and starting point of this urban design strategy project. In the city, friction caused by movement can lead to both physical and social encounters. I have introduced friction in two ways along stretches of abandoned rail line in Brooklyn, informally known as the X-Line. First, I use friction to bring new meaning and a sense of belonging to an existing space. Second, I use friction to create a new space.

    'Friction' has three parts. First, it replaces the train with a fast recreation path for people. The fast path is on the same level as the railroad tracks and is used for jogging, bike-riding, and skating. The fast speed preserves the forest and the peacefulness of the space. It also evokes the memory of the speed of trains, while introducing a new type of friction between people and the X-line.

    The second element of'Friction' are the street-level sidewalks along the blocks adjacent to the X-Line, used for walking and sitting. Third, is the platform used as a transitional space that mediates the encounter between people in the fast path and people on the sidewalks.