Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Ashley Chang

    Thai Fisherman

    One of my favorite childhood memories is fishing with my family. For my thesis collection, I wanted to delve deeper into the alluring and compelling interaction between man and nature. I studied Thailand's fishing culture to influence my silhouettes, and was also inspired by an intriguing pair of Thai fisherman pants which I stumbled upon. I wanted to create clothing that was fun, unique, and hip for my collection, which is targeted to boys ages 8 to 16.

    During my research, I fell in love with the durability and functionality of fisherman clothing. This led me to use water repellent fabrics such as neoprene, nylon, waxed denim, and linen. My color palette is based on the traditional clothing of the Thailand's Northern rural tribes. The details, such as the pop of neon, are inspired by the baits and hooks that fishermen use. Lastly, drawing influence from Thailand's well-known weaving industry, I also explored and developed my own hand-woven textiles.