Student Work

  • Graphic Design (AAS)

    Priyanka Agarwal

    Priyanka Agarwal

    Color Theory

    A series of poster design solutions for the grand opening of a modern furniture/living store, Color Theory, in the hip and urban neighborhood of New York City, SoHo. The store, highly influenced by the Origami Craft, aims to design and showcase chic and minimalistic furniture, with a strong representation of color, which when rightly used can change and influence any urban interior setting. The solution is a series of three posters, promoting the store's design concept. The clean and geometric illustrations, along with the strong but soothing colors, aim to engage the viewer in trying to perceive the "furniture" as art, rather than home fittings. The 18 by 24 inch posters are a four-color silkscreen print that further helps to augment the colors, bringing it close to the actual design pieces.