Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Vinita Bakhale

    Our Valley Brooklyn

    Environmental consciousness coupled with sustainable living is a cause I deeply care about. New York City's housing market is currently running out of one-person and two-person apartment units, creating a disconnect between our city's rapidly growing population and units available to those hoping to secure housing.

    With an ecological footprint in mind, I have created a sustainable co-housing living community to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional housing that embodies sustainable social and material practices by bringing elements of nature into the design process.

    One and two-bedroom apartments feature storage space, a small lounge space, a bed, desk, and a sink.  Shared amenities include a kitchen, dining space, a viewing room, an area of benches for co-operative education and exchange, bathrooms, and a rooftop garden.

    Residents feel empowered when they reuse, recycle, and produce resources, spaces, and materials.