Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Hirofumi Orihara

    Layers House

    Layers House is a live/work space for the artist Kara Walker. Walker's work is organized around the idea that “an inspiration is found anytime, anywhere.” Compositions of her silhouette works are important in her practice. Because this space is designed with transparent materials, it will enable Walker to place silhouettes anywhere in the room, and help inspire her imagination. Standing on the upper floor and looking down towards the main floor, she might get the best layout by comparing the pieces on both floors.

    Movable panels organize her activities: presentation, gallery and workspace. She can put silhouette works on the panels as if binding a book. A pop-up staircase divides the two floors for privacy. Guest cannot come to living space (the upper floor) without opening the stair. The spaces of the upper floor are designed by the pattern that results from the movement of the panels and stair on the main floor.