Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Eleonore Pillet


    Fixed challenges the traditional relationship between art, design and shopping by questioning the definitions of space in a bike shop. The first step was designing a versatile display system that could accommodate for a variety of bike parts. Drawing inspiration from a Pin Pression toy, the display system uses a structure of wooden dowels that can be pushed, pulled, added or removed at will to conform to any bike piece or bike as a whole. The dowels are fitted through a thin freestanding metal screen allowing for a dual-use of the display wall: a product shelf on one side doubles up as garage storage on the other.

    The second step was using the display system to create both a retail space and a shopping experience. The display provides the framework for the three main programmatic components of the bike shop: a display area, a bar/lounge and a repair shop. The display links these various components and experiences by creating an overhead structure that weaves through the space, becoming both ceiling and wall. As such, Fixed provides a functional, versatile and aesthetic solution to the traditional retail program while linking art and design within the shopping experience.