Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Barbara Hemetsberger

    FRAMED - NY Public Library

    My project is a proposed design for a New York Public Library situated within the Union Square Subway Station, in a walkway below ground that connects 14th and 16th streets. The goal is to convert an otherwise largely unused area into an attractive space for the community, with a design that surprises the visitor due to its unconventional location. The design comprises a series of frames, which opens the space from the subway track to Union Square above. The frames include different functions like drop boxes to return and pick up books, seating and desks.  They allow for openings that bring natural light into the library area, and so that subway riders can view the park from the tracks below. The library can be accessed from the park and the subway station. In the evening the library converts into a place that showcases movies at the library and the park level.