Student Work

  • Design and Technology (MFA)

    Navit Keren

    A Good Death

    A GOOD DEATH examines dying and death from a design and user experience perspective. The project reimagines legal forms such as living wills and power of attorney to improve the emotionally complex process of end-of-life planning. It considers the role of interactive technologies and strives to design a dynamic and unique experience-based journey through these decisions to encourage more open, comfortable, and proactive planning.

    A GOOD DEATH is a toolkit that aims to clarify difficult choices and encourage dialogue among families and friends. The project leverages the comfort, privacy, and flexibility of online interaction, and responds to the legal and economic forces that shape these decisions as well as the cultural and religious beliefs that define an individual’s role in their own death and dying experience.

    The A GOOD DEATH toolkit is structured as an adventurous journey, merging the clinical healthcare world with a clean iconographic layer of information and statistics. Every screen is a step in the journey.