Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA), Fashion Design (BFA)

    Thi Wan


    Representing a physical partition between an object and its environment, as well as symbolizing a cultural divide in the modern world, the word border speaks to a set of themes I explore through my thesis collection. Culture, a distinctive set of customs, beliefs and social behaviors that characterize a society, is slowly changing in its definition under contemporary influences of technology and globalization; cultural borders, whether physical or mental, are slowly disappearing. The citizen is slowly becoming the global individual, and his cultural border is slowly shrinking down to the physical border of his own skin. This collection is a study of the designer’s body as a personal border. Taking this into consideration, I derived silhouettes and details from the clothes of my native Burma. A new "skin" textile was created to articulate these traditional shapes. Having studied prosthetics, I was able to mix a biodegradable liquid chemical from which much of the 3D surface treatments were hand-sculpted and cast.