Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Jarvinia Jinying Li

    Shadow Reflection

    I believe that fashion is a cosmopolitan blend of history and culture; it is the beauty of humanity and the joy of individual expression. I start the design process based on conceptual ideas, and then transform these ideas through the manipulation of textiles before I sketch the design. My thesis collection, “Shadow Refection” truly speaks to my design identity. My collection evolved from a painting I created about my relationship with my family. My life is the reflection of their expectations; meanwhile, I struggle to find my own shadow, and my own way of life.

    In preparation for my thesis, my interest in textiles prompted me to study weaving, and I proceeded to purchase a loom. Life is like a long and intense weaving process, and the unpredictable outcomes are breathtaking. So to illustrate the richness that is the tapestry of life, I have hand woven all of my materials. I contrasted delicate beads with waxed cotton cord, and horsehair braid and horsehair tubing with mohair. The conceptual idea of “Shadow Reflection” expresses how pieces of shadows were transformed into a collection, through an evolutionary journey with a loom and eclectic assortment of materials.