Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Soo Ji Lee


    .KR is carry-on luggage designed for Korean students traveling to and from the United States, so that they can bring a piece of their homeland wherever they go. Traveling to another country can be an overwhelming experience, especially having to adjust to a completely different culture. When you travel often between two cultures, it can be even more overwhelming, as well as confusing to your cultural identity.

    The bag is inspired by Bojagi, a traditional wrapping cloth that was used by Koreans to carry everyday items before the backpack was introduced from Western culture. It was also inspired by the traditional floor table—dining on the floor is a part of Asian culture, and many Asian international students in the United States have their meals while sitting on the floor.

    Made from heavy-weight nylon, polyester, leather and injection-molded plastic, .KR is focused on the physical interaction required to transform it from a bag to a dining surface, in order to make the experience more memorable. Functionality-wise, it is strong enough to hold heavy objects like a leather jacket or camera, and can be folded when it's not in use in order to save the space that suitcases and bags usually take.