Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Hsin Lin


    The 21st century might be hailed as being the pinnacle of efficiency, but this has led us to become detached from traditional values because we are moving too fast. FIN is a modular cup and saucer set that revolutionizes the ancient ceremony of tea drinking for our modern generation.

    Traditionally, cups and saucer sets cannot be stacked and end up in a state of "efficient" separation: the cups are lined up in a row while the saucers are stacked together. Young professionals will prepare their cup of tea but realize the cup is all they need. In effect, the saucer loses its value as being part of a set.

    By establishing a sleek modern design, FIN embraces both efficiency and tradition. The handle of an elegant ceramic cup is attached to the groove of its cork saucer counterpart. When it is time for tea, the saucer is separated from the cup and the cup fits snuggly on top of the saucer. Several of FIN cups and saucers can be stacked on top of each other to improve storage capabilities and to revive the traditional tea party.

    The unity of the cup and saucer will help our generation appreciate the ceremonial significance behind a simple cup of tea.