Student Work

  • Lighting Design (MFA)

    Edward Yelonek

    Productions of Space : Lighting the Street's Social Practices

    This thesis operates under the theoretical framework that French sociologist Henri Lefebvre put forth in his book The Production of Space. In it he states that our understanding of space is constantly in flux and the most effective mode of understanding it is through social practice.

    In the urban environment, the street is the epicenter of social practice, yet conventions and current ways of thinking about street illumination often address only the quantitative qualities rather than the qualitative conditions associated with the these practices. This thesis is an attempt to cogently and accurately identify and understand the social practices occurring on the street and highlight the inconsistencies relating to current thinking about pedestrian street lighting. This thesis takes the form of a book, which through rigorous observation, creation of diagrams, videos and renderings seeks to create a narrative that, while not positing a design solution, puts forth the idea that lighting designers should think more aptly about social and phenomenological practices rather than simply suggest light level measurements on the street.