Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    Zachary Barr

    Sounding Domestic

    In the built environment, sound has physical, social, navigational, aesthetic, communicative, associative and phenomenological dimensions. These are also the qualities that form the substance of interior design. However, instead of engaging with sound, interior designers have largely concerned themselves with suppressing it. What might be possible if sound were made central into the practice of interior design?

    Since sound will be a part of an interior whether it is considered or not, and since it is of significant importance to the way spaces are experienced, this project seeks to mix sound into the design process, making it a constructive catalyst instead of a late-blooming burden. This proposal for a two-person, live/work loft was used as the platform for exploring how an interior designer might shape the way we live with sound in a domestic space.

    This research has resulted in more functional, rich and interesting spaces, and also yielded new concepts for windows, doors, chairs, tectonic conditions and materials. Thinking about how things sound can feed into new ideas about how they look, feel and are arranged, thus forming a reciprocal field of influence that positively affects our experience.