Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    Shu Zhao

    Interior Gene Therapy: Design For A Bioscience Research Institute

    Interior Gene Therapy aims to apply principles of gene therapy to the design of scientific research spaces. Most modern laboratories have sterile interiors that often create an atmosphere that inhibits creative thinking. In fact, when researchers are asked where they usually go to think, it is most often somewhere else than a laboratory. In evolutionary theory, gene selection and recombination enables organisms to respond to environmental forces in order to survive. In the interior context, DNA is comprised of objects, light, texture and sound, and the selection force for what is expressed is the physical and emotional connection between the space and the users. By analyzing and recombining essential interior elements, a new lab “genome” is dynamically adapted to the requirements for conducting research as well as the needs of the researchers, thus making the scientific research center a hub for proliferation of the life sciences both intellectually and biologically.