Student Work

  • Design and Technology (MFA)

    Dena Soukieh

    Populating the In-Between

    Populating the In-Between attempts to visualize the experience of multiculturalism through the rendering of mixed language and typographic forms, realized as a dynamically shifting poem driven by various news sources. The series strives to illuminate the feeling of existing between two different cultural subjectivities, and explores language as a modality that both defines the boundaries of culture and carries notions of self.

    The series includes two installation pieces: a word sculpture that is meant to be held and twisted so that it can be read multiple ways, and a black box that uses the open-source program Ardunio to display news in both English and Arabic that is scraped from various online sources.

    This project draws from my own personal cultural frictions to give viewers a way to connect to a larger cultural friction, and see firsthand how discrepancies in translation between different languages, such as Arabic and English, might create cultural misconceptions as well as illuminate cultural norms.