Student Work

  • Design and Technology (MFA)

    Alex Staudt


    DIY is here to stay. Consumers are no longer satisfied with buying a sealed box of mystery circuits with the hope that they can adjust this box to their needs. My solution is carefully designed DIY technologies that do not require specialized skills. ~KNTRL~ supports the creation of customized hardware controllers suitable for multimedia and performance software, games, interactive installations, or any other scenario where the user may require a unique interface; one that provides an intuitive and tactile link to their software of choice. This product challenges the limitations of commercial controllers, which struggle to adapt to the many software applications that have become insanely full featured. Due to mass-production, controller designers must dilute the interface of their products, resulting in generic breed of controllers that force the user to interact with the software in a specific (and limited) way.

    This is an LDIY (learn to do it yourself) project. Controllers are only available as kits to be assembled at home. This empowers the user by showing them just how easy it is to build their own custom hardware controller. By following the step-by-step instructions that come with the kit, the user is guided through the basics of soldering and electronics, thus acquiring the skills necessary to tinker, upgrade, and repair their own controller. As the software programs inevitably evolve, or as the user's needs change over time, they will likely require a new controller that reflects these changes. The flexibility of the framework allows the user to update their controller easily, and in an environmentally friendly way, by reusing most existing parts.