Student Work

  • Interior Design (BFA)

    Natacha Hongladaromp

    Social Interactive House

    Social Interactive House is a single-family house that meets the need for privacy and independence as well as the need to be to part of the community. This project is designed for a family of four in East Harlem, Manhattan. East Harlem is a low-income neighborhood with a high stress rate in the population. The father is a therapist and the mother is a yoga instructor. Their workplaces (therapy office and yoga studio) are connected to the house. They are connected in a way that the community and the public (yoga students and patients) can get a glimpse of the family life without disturbing the family's privacy. There are multiple integrated interior and exterior spaces that create a sense of social connection.

    In addition, the site encompasses three adjoining lots—which enables the family to rent out space for small local businesses, such as a cafe and floral shop. This is a project where home is not only private spaces but also social and economic domains. It is a great way to bring the public into the house, provide opportunities to the community, and earn income for the family as well.