Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Joiri Minaya


    My practice is concerned with analyzing power structures and hierarchies within human relations through the lenses of gender studies, post-colonialism, myth and the body. I am moved by my desire to understand my own shifting identity and subjectivity. In my work I use elements that relate to a specific history through references to domestic environments, traditions and repeated actions. This is not to evoke a nostalgic feeling, but to present to the viewer elements they are familiar with, yet are dissonant due to the way it is presented or by the context.

    In this series of videos I create immersive, surreal atmospheres where a male and a female character interact in ways that embody, combine or reverse traditional gender roles while exploring the boundaries and differences between sensual and sexual imagery. I aim to use the performative body as a tool to encourage the viewer to formulate concerns about its limitations: to reveal and disrupt our social constructions and question their origin in relation to our biological capacities.