Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Bryan Meador


    We seem to be living in a pivotal moment in history. Telecommunications has enabled us to connect with the world at a moment’s notice, social media has changed the way we keep in touch with loved ones and friends, and images proliferate like never before. In fact, one could argue that the ways in which we communicate have been totally transformed over the past two decades. These changes have produced some fascinating results, such as , as the Occupy Wall Street movement, a leaderless, networked organization that seems to take the form of the dispersed telecommunication networks we use everyday. 

    Compendia is a book of interrelated things. It is a summary of ideas, insights, and events that shape my understanding of what communication is and what it can be in the 21st century. Compendia is not a prescription or a prediction; it is a thought process made tangible, a space where connections can be made and where ideas are born.