Student Work

  • Design and Technology (BFA)

    Frederico Andrade


    From the recovery efforts following a natural disaster to the prevention, mitigation and resolution of humanitarian disasters, there are always ways to help and become involved, however the barrier to discovering these opportunities is enough to distance the cause from the people who are not immediately impacted. Amplify is a web-based service that offers a new method for concerned citizens to become involved in some of the world's most pressing situations. 

    Amplify searches for emerging issues around the globe and identifies established organizations and grassroots efforts that are tackling them. Once an organization has been found, opportunities for involvement are analyzed and then categorized into degrees of effectiveness, and then offered to users in a digestible, actionable format. Amplify users become empowered to take action into his or her own hands and make a difference, without having to uproot their lives, change their routines, or invest immense amounts of time in researching opportunities.