Student Work

  • Design and Technology (BFA)

    Piper Black

    Codeur: Using Design to Bring Women to the Web

    The number of men in technology named Dave is higher than the number of women in the field. Technology, specifically web design and development, connotes innovation and progress, but how is it possible that such a driving force in our society has so few women in the sector? Any effort to bring awareness to the problem just brings awareness to the problem. Codeur takes action to bring more women to the sector. Instead of providing a "girl-flavored" version of web design education, Codeur speaks to young women directly through trendy design and rewards. It is a community for female programmers set around a series of online courses that offer real-world incentives through an interactive teaching model. Sparking interest in young women by using their own language and real incentives will make them feel comfortable and familiar with the web.