Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Tanya Gruenberg


    Sunnyblock is a sunscreen application system that eases parent’s minds and empowers little hands.

    Parents work hard to create outdoor activities as a means for family togetherness, exploration, and escape; but before they go outside, they need to get at least a good first coat of sunscreen on the kids. Sadly, the sunscreen-application process can be a frustrating struggle for parents as their children are often squirmy, impatient and uncooperative during this process. For younger kids, parents often try to provide a distraction, but as their kids grow older, parents want them to become a part of the process and develop more independence.

    Sunnyblock creates a sunscreen product that makes it easier for parents to apply sunscreen on their kids while providing a more engaging and of course FUN for both parents and kids.