Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Susana Chen

    Blank Furniture

    Products today are being used not only traditionally, but also in new contexts. Everyday use of an object such as a chair occurs in multiple ways, often beyond its original function. One may use a chair as a stool to reach an object, or simply as a hanger to hang jackets. The chair is not designed for those needs, but it fulfills temporary desires with the most convenient solution. I started with an open statement. “This is a _____ chair.” The blank space is intended to be filled based upon the situation and conditions that satisfy the user. Indeed, the blank is the creative space for people to rethink, improvise and imagine a new function for the chair, based on a given wireframe structure as a foundation. In other words, users are given a vision in which they could interpret themselves. I wanted to give them the chair frame as a foundation so they can apply their creativity. What makes the chair unique is the “_____” and what this “______‚” holds is the personality of the individual.