Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Yoav Menachem


    RE:SPACE is an interactive, reconfigurable public furniture system. The seating elements can be pivoted by the users and create multiple configurations and arrangements to answer the variety of needs that occur in such public spaces. The system can be transformed into a solitary reading space, a public performance space, and a space to convene gatherings. It can be personalized for seating preferences (the direction to face, to sit in the sun or shade, etc.).

    The system generates conversation and interaction between the users through a joyful experience and new discoveries of the endless possibilities. The ultimate goal of the system is to enhance a sense of community by working together to discover and create unique arrangements.

    RE:SPACE serves as a conversation piece that promotes the city, neighborhood, or event it is located in, and thus attract both tourists as well as local residents to become new participants.