Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Yingshi June Lin

    Mass production has brought the people of China prosperity and a higher standard of living. My designs are a reflection of a generation who see boundless opportunities and access to a global marketplace. I see beauty in the efficiency of repetition used in mass production. This concept is iterated in all aspects of the collection. In the design process, I digitally multiplied and layered photographs of my draping on top of one another. In actualizing the concept created in the virtual world, careful design choices were made such that myriad of dimensions are formed by folds and layering. The combinations of layered fabrics create multiple shapes and various intensities of colors. Lenticular prints are used to display multiple images on a single flat surface, creating a three-dimensional perspective that is futuristic and retro-modern. At first glance, one cannot discern exactly how much detail and complexity go into each piece in the collection. However, as one looks closer, more and more is discovered, especially for those with sharp eyes.