Student Work

  • Architecture (MArch), Lighting Design (MFA)

    Jeffrey Parkman Carter

    In Situ: To & From Capture

    Photographs and renderings are becoming increasingly indistinguishable, and together they constitute the most prevalent currency in design. However, they are often the form of representation not made by designers. Architectural visualization commonly uses idealized and irrelevant material to support the image, rather than using imagery to support the site.

    Could image-making be transformed from the detached, speculative gesture at the end of a project into an analytical and generative process‚ embedded in contextual light gathered on site at the start of a design? Could such information yield salient impressions, and vice versa?

    Organized into three interwoven efforts of trace-making, case-making, and place-making, an imaging methodology focusing on in situ light qualities is developed to:

    1) Familiarize the designer with extensive site conditions

    2) Supplement energy-driven, quantitative analysis and visualization

    3) Drive and support the rationale of a design response

    4) More meaningfully inform and inspire the designer than an "artistic rendering"

    5) Provide more legible and convincing documents for review with stakeholders