Student Work

  • Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Ruby Hoette


    My thesis research project explores multiple histories of the origin, ownership and use of clothing. The garment is a unique artifact, which carries evidence of human activities and transactions. With this as the focus I explore ways of interacting with clothing that center on the ideas of redistribution and reinvention (appropriation) and redefine the accepted understandings of possession and authenticity within the fashion system. Using the word collection as the starting point of this project, it explores what other forms a collection of clothing could take and in doing so reveals alternate ways of engaging with the clothes we wear. The use of the word collection within the fashion context refers to a set of garments that relate to each other, produced and presented seasonally by a brand or designer. However a collection can take many different forms and be bound by various conditions that have the possibility to extend beyond one season or one designer. The project is a collection of collections – a body of work that incorporates 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and digital works.