Student Work

  • Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Lucia Cuba

    Articulo 6

    ARTICULO 6 [narratives of gender, strength and politics] is an activist design project that aims to raise awareness about the unsolved case of forced sterilizations that occurred in Peru under the government of Alberto Fujimori during the 1990s.

    The name of the project refers to the 6th Article of the 2nd Chapter in the General Health Law of Peru, which establishes that “all persons have the right to choose freely the contraceptive method they prefer, and to receive appropriate information on the methods available and the risks.” It was created through an intense process of research, and uses the language and medium of fashion to stir attention toward a social scar that has not yet healed.

    ARTICULO 6 consists of 34 garments, and 12 actions, made through mixed techniques of machine embroidery and prints on cotton twill and cotton canvas. These garments explore various narratives related to the case, also using the testimonies of the victims, fragments of speeches by politicians, research and policy documents as well as other related textual and visual materials. “Moments” are visually represented through cuts, pleats, waistbands, text (in two languages), prints, and embroidery-as-intervention. Garments are inspired in the Andean “pollera” or skirt and on its deconstruction, re-interpretation and re-presentation.

    ARTICULO 6 aims to generate dialogues on gender, strength and politics through conceptual and visual elements, advancing critical thought, abstractions and connections with notions of gender, body, human rights, the politics of clothes, among other issues. The project considers that garments have agency and that as agents of change can be understood and expressed with freedom in diverse contexts, informing and raising questions about the topics they touch upon in diverse audiences.

    For more information, visit the project website: