Student Work

  • Design and Technology (MFA)

    Hilal Koyuncu


    Have you ever opened the door to your fridge and aimlessly stared into it? Sometimes we compulsively interact with our computers, smart phones, fridges, and clocks without having a need for their utilitarian functions. Why do we do this? Is it because these machines have conditioned us to receive relief through our interactions with them? Do we subconsciously turn to them when we need comfort? What if these Pavlovian comfort machines have co-evolved with us based on our expectations from them and started to acknowledge these liminal, in between moments?

    Liminoids is the next generation of Pavlovian comfort machines that monitors the user’s anxiety level and manages it during liminal moments. The current line consists of a wireless biosensor network comprised of a wearable accessory, mini-fridge and wall clock. Liminoid Orbis is a wearable accessory that detects the user’s anxiety level and dictates when the rest of the network will manifest liminal functions. Upon activation, Liminoid Frigus, the mini-fridge and Liminoid Temporis, the wall clock, will temporarily cease performing their practical roles and comfort their users through audio-visual tactile experiences.

    Through their compulsive use of Pavlovian comfort machines, might users develop a higher level of awareness of their psychological states?

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