Student Work

  • Architecture (MArch)

    Gregory Hittler

    Nutritional Comp 101

    In an effort to reverse current trends and promote health and wellness in the South Bronx, this project aims to revitalize the neighborhood and improve the health of its residents. How can architecture create an environment that accelerates personal responsibility and awareness?

    In recent years, there has been overwhelming evidence of increased rates of diabetes and obesity in the Bronx. Poor planning and the lack of fresh markets coupled with poverty have only exacerbated this growing epidemic. Based upon site adjacencies, the project establishes an embedded network of institutional and food retail relationships. Collaboration among program, built environment, and urban context is key in spreading awareness at the scale of the neighborhood.

    This facility will integrate a small urban farm, in an effort to define an element of social cohesion in the neighborhood. The produce from the site may also be used with NYC Green Cart suppliers. This will allow for more nutritious food options throughout the South Bronx.

    Located adjacent to several public high schools, this facility will include a vocational program, as well as a public food market, classes and lectures that are intended to create an open environment for the exchange and education of culinary arts, and to provide more sustainable and health-conscious food choices.