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Site Credits

This website offers myriad ways to discover more about—and interact with—Parsons.

The site is a result of close collaboration between many Parsons faculty members, staff, and students in conjunction with other professionals in Communications and External Affairs at The New School. We hope that you find it intuitive, engaging, and most importantly, a source of information. Please let us know if anything is missing or factually incorrect by emailing

Here are some of the people who contributed to the development and ongoing care and feeding of this site:

Project Management:

Jeff Prout, Jen Rhee, and Jennifer Smith

Editorial Direction:

John Haffner Layden


Johanna Lenander, David Sokol, Ellen White

Design Direction:

Isa Gouverneur


Dexter Miranda

Design Advisors:

Benjamin Bacon, Thomas Bosket, Katarzyna Gruda, Michael Rabin, Lucille Tenazas, Laetitia Wolff, and Mushon Zer-Aviv

Photography and Video Direction:

Matthew Sussman


Ben Ferrari, Don Hamerman, Bob Handelman, Matthew Septimus

Flash Animation:

Nick Hardeman (MFA Design and Technology ’10) and Eduardo Menendez (MFA Design and Technology ’09)

Programming and Production:

Benjamin Bacon, Chris Bate, Helena Boskovic, Eduardo Menendez, Jeff Prout, Oscar Salvatierra, and Edward Wright

Content Suppliers:

Erin Berkery, Margot Bouman, Soo Chon, Fiona Dieffenbacher, Saraleah Fordyce, Anne Gaines, Kelly Grossi, Gretchen Harnick, Dan Hill, Joe Hosking, Kristina Kaufman, Sofia Liotta, Brian Maasjo, Joanna Merwood, Meredith Mullane, Jen Rhee, John Roach, Radhika Subramaniam, Jilly Traganou, Angela Tsuie, Jesse Villalobos, Jedd Wilcox, Laetitia Wolff, Angie Wojak, and Daisy Wong

Thank You:

AMT, Datamine, Robert Dinardi, Nancy Donner, Deborah Kirschner, Devon Layton, Muddbucket, Parsons Executive Council, Joel Towers, and Laetitia Wolff

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