• Interior Design (BFA)

    Victoria Hagan

    Iconic, sophisticated, and understated are terms often used to describe the classic interiors created by acclaimed designer and BFA Environmental Design alumna Victoria Hagan. Serene palettes and casually luxurious furnishings anchor Hagan's timeless yet modern style, which has long been hailed by her industry.

    Hagan has appeared on Architectural Digest's AD100 list of top architects and designers since 1995, and she was inducted into Interior Design's Hall of Fame in 2004. Her first book, Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits (Rizzoli), was published in 2010, and a second volume, Victoria Hagan: Dream Spaces (Rizzoli), will be published in September 2017. 

    Based in New York, Hagan's firm focuses on residential design, serving clients throughout the country. Hagan's bold sense of color and scale is evident in the living room of the Manhattan apartment shown above. Her skill at designing quietly elegant interiors is reflected in the modern bedroom in the renovated Connecticut country home shown above, which offers a respite from the world outside.

    "I like a space to be beautiful, livable, and always have a touch of the unexpected," says Hagan. "If something stirs an idea or emotion in me, chances are it will show up in my work in some form." Her signature style has already left a lasting mark on contemporary interiors, bearing out design journalist Suzanne Slesin's 1990 prediction in the New York Times that Hagan's work was "bound to be influential."