• Photography (MFA)

    Ahn Jun

    One Life, a photo series by MFA Photography graduate Ahn Jun, employs apples as symbols of human existence, pulled by the forces of destiny and chance. Viewers encounter Ahn's "decisive moments"— striking, ambiguous vignettes of artfully framed apples suspended in midair in natural landscapes and on urban streets. Taken together, the images bid us consider life and its uncertainties.

    "As technology and our knowledge expand, are we more accepting of our fate?" Ahn asks. "After witnessing the death of my grandfather — strong and learned, both a soldier and a scholar — I realized that our understanding of life does not ease our fear of the unknown. How could I translate life and death into a visual composition?"

    Ahn's journey to find answers drew family members into her process: She asked them to throw apples skyward for her to photograph. The series resulted from
the act of recording the apples' descent with continuous shooting. To find the perfect compositional balance, Ahn searches for a frame that disrupts our conventional sense of time or, as she puts it, "reveals the transcendence of an instant removed from its context."

    In images fraught with a visual tension that suggests the experience of life itself, Ahn invites us to contemplate the essence of time and leaves us wondering what will happen next.