• Fashion Studies (MA)

    E. P. Cutler

    E. P. Cutler Profile

    Fashion journalist, scholar, and MA Fashion Studies graduate E. P. Cutler ’12 investigates the intersections of fine art and fashion. “I believe it is essential for everyone to ask the ‘101’ questions,” Cutler says. “What is art? What is fashion? Can art be fashion? Can fashion be art?” She believes this inquiry “can spark and inspire extraordinary creations.”

    Her new book, Art + Fashion: Collaborations and Connections Between Icons (Chronicle Books) (see above), traces the creative alliances of 25 of the 20th century’s most visionary artists and fashion designers. From Elsa Schiaparelli’s famous lobster dress, painted by Salvador Dalí, to Alexander McQueen’s partnership with Damien Hirst, Cutler brings fashion into 20th-century art history and vice versa.

    While working with professors such as Dr. Hazel Clark, a fashion historian who pioneered the field, Cutler learned that “fashion studies is a field deserving of higher education and higher thought. I try to bring that perspective to my work: that fashion is worthy of being pondered, criticized, constructed, and deconstructed.”