• Fine Arts (MFA)

    Sara Jimenez

    Sara Jimenez

    Originally from Ontario, Sara Jimenez studied communication theory and semiotics before her creative path led to Parsons. She began collecting histories of Filipino relatives, exploring cultural memory, belonging, and displacement through work incorporating found objects, organic matter, and minerals like salt that interact with other materials.

    In Mestizo de Sangley, shown above, Jimenez obscures her subject, hinting at historical efforts to render minorities invisible. “I want to dissolve the ‘truth’ of historical imagery—19th-century colonizers’ photographs of Filipinos in this case—using salt water, a material both corrosive and preservative.” 

    Jimenez also participated in program director Simone Douglas’ research project in Beijing and the Gobi Desert. There she and fellow MFA student Kaitlynn Redell began a creative practice that has taken them across the country and abroad