• Product Design (BFA)

    Phillip Bodum

    Phillip Bodum

    "Do we really need another _____?" Phillip Bodum asks. He uses the question—a rhetorical device borrowed from faculty mentor Andrea Ruggiero—to remind himself to consider necessity whenever design projects are proposed. When Danish electronics company Clint Digital approached Bodum to design a Bluetooth speaker shortly after he completed his BFA in Product Design, the question became a guiding principle. "A new speaker had to fill a need: produce good sound and be easy to use and affordable."

    The result was Freya, a compact wireless speaker that won a 2015 Red Dot Award, given to recognize products highlighting the importance of design to business and society, and a 2015 International Forum (iF) Design Award. Bodum has since collaborated with Clint on a line of app-controlled home speakers. Available in Europe, the speakers will be sold in the United States later this year.  

    Bodum’s practice encompasses products, graphics, and interiors. Each project reflects his goal of making good design available to everyone. The groundwork for Bodum’s commitment was laid by his grandfather, who founded the Danish brand whose affordable goods bear the family name. "I grew up with that model; it’s what I always try to do."