• Rob Spalding

    Rob Spalding Profile

    Internships were integral to your education. How did the Career Services Office help you identify opportunities?

    The people in Career Services were amazing. I got to know my career advisor in my freshman year, and he worked with me the entire time I was at Parsons. He helped me with my résumé, suggested types of positions that would be a good fit, and helped me edit my portfolio before I began interviewing. I would definitely tell entering students to visit the Career Services office when they first get to Parsons.

    Can you describe the internships you had while at Parsons?

    I had three big projects at Reebok, my first internship: my own shoe concept, a brainstorming exercise to customize Reebok’s brand for the future, and a project to convert sketches into digital drawings.

    I then interned for two semesters with John Varvatos, where I worked with the head footwear designer. One of my shoe designs was put into production.

    How has your interest in sustainability influenced your career?

    Built NY, my most recent internship, really inspires me with its efforts to educate customers about the benefits of using sustainable materials in products like their bags and laptop sleeves. In my BFA Product Design program, I learned about good choices for materials and processes, and about the costs and benefits of environmentally responsible practices.