• Hannes Steen Thornhammar

    Hannes Steen Thornhammar Profile

    Management and collaboration are not always seen as compatible, but for Design and Management graduate Hannes Steen Thornhammar, they go hand in hand. During his time at Parsons, the Swedish-born Thornhammar developed a business approach that calls for joint effort. Together with his friend and fellow Design and Management student James Burr, Thornhammar launched an online artists’ network called “We wanted to bring creative people together to share and promote their work and interact with one another,” he says. The site, which boasts around 900 members, functions as an Internet showcase where artists and designers can upload images of their work in their own online gallery. It also serves as a virtual workshop where participants can get inspiration and feedback from other members, write about art, and share information about events.

    According to Thornhammar, the flexibility of Design and Management courses encourages students to work together to create opportunities outside of school. “It’s an open-ended program where you can focus on different fields, and when you find that other students are interested in the same fields, you have a very intelligent collaboration,” he says. “Our teachers helped us understand that we had access to tools that can help put people and services together. We could just roll up our sleeves and go out and do it.”