• Communication Design (BFA)

    Jack Rieger

    Lightweight JavaScript

    JavaScript, the web’s programming language, can be difficult to learn. In order to code in JavaScript, one needs to understand many different layers: how programming works, what the terms mean, how to write in the language, and how to apply one’s knowledge practically. This information can be dense and further complicated by minute specifications. A high level of detail, while essential for specialists, is a barrier to the less experienced.

    Lightweight JavaScript is a guide that explains the essential without getting into the esoteric. It is a resource for the beginner who wants to know the how of JavaScript programming.

    The website breaks down information into different levels of organization. A main authorial voice explains concepts plainly and with simple code examples. Attached to some of these examples are detailed modules that offer a step-by-step explanation of what’s happening. Glossary terms — necessary jargon — are scattered throughout, revealing their definitions upon interaction. As the guide progresses, advanced modules explain concepts that go beyond the basics. These components are structured to be clearly accessible yet out of the way, allowing the reader to learn at his or her own pace.