• Architectural Design (BFA)

    Cohaul Chen

    Ligamental Necklace

    This project aims to capitalize on the transformation of urban realities from defined neighborhoods to dynamic compounds of idiosyncratic vibrancy. As cities quickly become international brands, their citizens become voyaging heralds who are constantly implanting seeds of their original cultures along with their incessant journeys. With the birth of unknown celebrities and the death of the mythology of stars, thanks to the quotidian expression of social media, borders between social casts are broken. As a result, a greater intermingling of genders, cultures, and financial differences is created, promoting the resurgence of multicultural and multi-purpose hybrid spaces. These sites, often accumulate around areas of dense infrastructure at the crossroad of highway, subway, roadways and pedestrian flows. In addition, the pressing demand for constant access to information, e-nteraction, and self-expression point in the direction of the need for a new kind of public space.