• Integrated Design (BFA)

    Paola Segura

    Jai Fachon

    Political theorist Fredric Jameson defines globalization as imperialism and cultural imperialism as the subordination of local cultures through strategies that include displacement and standardization. In the same way, the representation of Dominican culture as a hybrid hides the historically unequalities between the different ethnicities that make up the nation. Eurocentric influences are evident in all of Dominican culture. In fashion, these effects are exaggerated. Shopping malls are dominated by Euro-descendant brands, and fashion shows promote aesthetics that exclude a large majority of the population. Jai Fachon addresses this. It's a sartorial exploration of Dominican identity, combining opposing aspects of the cultural hierarchy in the country. The collection celebrates and empowers the indigenous. In addition to highlighting its European heritage, fashion in the Dominican Republic can showcase its African and Taino roots and its adaptability, temperament and individuality through a unique formula. The collection focuses on closet staples that are accessible to every Dominican, with T-shirts branded with modified Dominican logos that showcase the country's dialect and popular brands, jackets made of fabrics designed for the Dominican climate, pants inspired by traditional Dominican/Spanish costumes and modular pieces that show climatic adaptability and Dominican iconography and symbolism.

    This project was completed in collaboration with external community member Esther Cazanova.