• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Kendall Warson

    Kendall had always loved fashion. When she first came to Parsons, she simply wanted to make beautiful clothes. But by the time she became a senior, she learned that design could be so much more. “You can do so many things with a garment that I didn’t think possible,” Kendall says. “Fashion is really powerful. It can spread ideas and connect people.” Now, she describes her role as a designer in terms not unlike that of a social scientist or environmentalist.

    In her Systems and Society class, Kendall learned to consider every step of the research process: where the materials come from, where they go, and how to create clothes that engage with the world outside the classroom. She applied her learning to Sensory, a project in which she created a line of clothing for the visually impaired. “Garments have all these design features that you never think of when you have sight, but that are really tough for blind people, such as distinguishing between different articles of clothing, Kendall explains.

    To aid sight-impaired individuals, she created garments designed to help them navigate the world. One feature was a tagging system to help them put together their own outfits. “There’s this huge psychological connection between what we wear and how we feel, and it can really affect our sense of selfworth,” Kendall says. Her project helped the wearers feel deeply empowered, and it helped her understand what her voice—as designer, thinker and maker—means in the world.