• Interior Design (AAS)

    Edward Yedid

    Living in Paris, Edward Yedid resolved to shift from studies in finance to a creative career path. Architecture and interior design seemed ideal. “They involved fields I was already passionate about, serving human needs at scales ranging from rooms to buildings,” says Yedid. On returning to New York City in 2001, Yedid found work with designer Noel Jeffrey while taking interior design courses at Parsons; he eventually enrolled in the AAS Interior Design program.

    “It was the first time I loved going to school,” he reports. When friends requested design help, Yedid turned to his AAS professor Thomas Hickey, proposing that the two collaborate on projects, with management by Hickey. Their success led Yedid to establish an interior design department within Hickey’s firm, GRADE New York, after graduating. Today the partners and their 15-member team bring a high-end residential design approach to projects for hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential clients like Tiffany & Co., Victoria’s Secret, and The Arman apartment complex. GRADE New York has also extended the firm’s line to include furniture and other product development. Yedid’s work is regularly profiled in New York City–based and international online and print publications, including The Aesthete, Lifestyle Mirror, and the New York Times.