• Collab/Competition: Designing For Wastelessness

    Poltrona Frau challenged students to demonstrate the potential for zero-waste production by transforming left-over scrap leather - which would have entered the waste stream - into luxury products.


    Poltrona Frau X Product Design

    Poltrona Frau gathered scraps left over from the upholstery production process and asked 15 Parsons students to re-imagine their use. The goal - to work with Parsons to achieve zero-waste design.

    Students’ concepts ranged from home and travel accessories to toys and electronics. Poltrona Frau helped narrow down ideas to those that complemented the brand. Students then created prototypes & were judged by a panel from Poltrona Frau, Metropolitan Magazine, and Parsons. Three winners traveled to the factory in Italy to work with master craftsmen on their prototypes and present them to the Poltrona Frau leadership team.

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