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    Charlotte Strick

    Charlotte Strick Profile

    Discussing her shift from fashion to graphics, Charlotte Strick, AAS Graphic Design ’99, jokes of trading “women’s jackets for book jackets.” The compelling covers she creates as a designer and art director at Farrar, Straus and Giroux and Faber & Faber attract readers to major authors—including Rachel Kushner, Roberto Bolaño, and Ishmael Beah—through their appealing expressiveness.

    Since 2010, Strick has also been the designer and art editor of the Paris Review. She selects works by renowned artists like William Kentridge and discovers new talent to carry forward the Paris Review’s literary legacy with fresh, modern artwork. To illustrate Rachel Cusk’s story of a dissolving marriage, Strick commissioned artist Samantha Hahn to create the monochrome pen-and-ink cover shown in the slideshow above and interior drawings whose bleakness and indistinct contours suggest a disintegrating relationship.

    Strick recently formed a multidisciplinary firm with Claire Williams Martinez, AAS Graphic Design ’99. The two met during registration at Parsons and became fast friends. “We were ready to design the world,” Strick says. “We’d been dreaming about it for a long time.”