• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Siena DeFranco

    Intuition Mission

    I’m not a look. I’m a feeling.When I think of what inspires me, my mind always returns to the invisible energy that surrounds me—a force interwoven throughout the universe, a force that is bigger than everything I know, a magical feeling, a bright light within a dark night. This force eventually makes everything connect. This force makes me feel free. It drives and pushes me to project the divine light within me. This is why I have created a collection based on the fabric of my own reality. When light hits my accessories, thousands of reflective pieces woven together give energy and light back to the universe and become alive. My fabric of reality is made of laser-cut octagonal shapes. These shapes are thought to diminish negative energy, creating a shield of protection. They are woven together with real healing crystals, which vibrate at a frequency higher than the human body, in order to uplift the wearer. My goal is to create awareness of the magical connection between everything that is alive, and to make my wearer feel the positive energy woven directly into my accessories. Messages are written within each bag and pair of shoes in order to remind the wearer that they have the ability to create their ideal reality. I don't want my designs to be just a look. I want them to be a feeling—a fabrication of powerful messages that come together to create a unified vision, an affirmative awareness that provokes positive decisions. I want all of my own experiences to inspire other individuals to attain their true fulfillment.