• The Integrative PhD Fellowship Program

    The New School’s Integrative PhD Fellowship Program broadens its social sciences training by introducing students to new analytical and expository techniques and fostering integrated research in design and the humanistic social sciences.

    Graduate students can combine training in the humanistic social sciences, exemplified in the research and teaching at The New School for Social Research, with training in the innovative concepts and methodological approaches to data visualization, graphic design, and digital media as developed at The New School’s Parsons School of Design.

    Students in the program will be able to cultivate and enhance their traditional social science skills – including hermeneutics, comparative and historical analysis, ethnography, visual theory, and psychometrics – with contemporary methods of coding, mapping, digital media and data visualization.

    Collaborative efforts across the social sciences and these digital design fields, including new offerings of team-taught courses by faculty in NSSR and Parsons, will enable our students to become fluent in the full range of qualitative and quantitative methods that can be deployed to examine the complex and pressing questions of our day .

    The Integrative PhD Fellowship Program will give graduate students the tools they need to move inquiry forward to a better understanding of political and social movements, media, culture, and identity, and it will provide them the ability to use and analyze the digital dimensions of these social forms.

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