• Fine Arts (MFA)

    Ingrid (Yuan) Zhuang

    Natural Tasting (2015-2016)

    This video installation runs on a five-minute loop. The concept of body is key in guiding the process of metamorphosis in the linear narrative, from fish to broccoli, then from human flesh to roasted chicken and to piglets. In this fictive biological evolution, the human being is merely part of a larger system of relations, consuming as well as being consumed, abstracting yet abstracted. Occupying multiple flat screens of various dimensions on the wall, the visually dynamic installation creates an absurd fantastical world surrounding the viewers. As the moving images travel from one screen to the next and compete for the viewer’s attention, they are designed to create an overwhelming feeling of mediation, in which images multiply and nest within or on top of one another. There is an element of violence, suggesting that notions of familial attachment and utopian longings are fictions produced by pervasive capitalist contradictions.